Judging by the navel

Judging by the “navel”

Have you ever heard that the navel can also be “looking”?
Here is a summary of several navel observations from ancient books. Take a look at the following instructions to see if you have a “big rich and noble” belly button!
     The navel is large and deep-it indicates that it has wisdom and belongs to the good fortune.
But if it is large and slack, it lacks wisdom.
  The navel is shallow and small-it means to work hard for life.
  The navel is small and almost invisible-women indicate the possibility of infertility.
Men lack bone strength and patience.
And both men and women are vulnerable.
  The navel is deep and large, and the upright person, the Lord, is bright and open, and belongs to Jixiang.
  A man with a navel facing down–a lifelong poverty.
  A person with a lower navel position-indicates health, and her sexual organs are well developed.
  People with a higher navel position-although they have superhuman intelligence, their sexual organs are not well developed.