[Encyclopedia of Dried Garlic]_How to marinate_How to marinate

[Encyclopedia of Dried Garlic]_How to marinate_How to marinate

The marinated dried garlic is enough to make up for the nutritional and health benefits of dried garlic, and its taste is better and more popular.

Dried garlic is prepared daily as a seasoning, which is convenient to use when cooking is needed.

However, we know that there are many particulars about pickling dried garlic. If the technique is not proper or the dried garlic is not fully dried, it will affect the taste very much, and it will also easily deteriorate.

How to marinate dried garlic 1. If you want to marinate delicious garlic, dried garlic needs to be processed in advance.

The best way is to remove all the garlic skins on the surface of the garlic, and get a fat condition inside, because when the garlic is dried, it only dries his garlic skin, and the moisture in the garlic cloves is not lost. Take them outAfter pickling directly, the garlic after pickling will be crispy and tender, especially delicious.

2. When the dried garlic is used for pickled garlic, you can also soak it with water in advance. The specific method is to remove the dried garlic, peel the garlic, and take out the garlic in the pot and put it in a pot. Soak it with water.Removing the garlic-filled spicy ingredients can also allow garlic cloves to absorb excess water, making it more crispy and tender after pickling.

Dried garlic marinating method 1, the marinating method of dried garlic and fresh garlic can be marinated sweet and sour flavor, salted garlic can also be marinated, you can also marinate spiced flavor.

If you want to marinate it into a sweet and sour flavor, you need to put the sugar and vinegar together with a small amount of edible salt together to make a sauce. When marinated into salty garlic, you only need to prepare salt and water.

Before pickling the five-flavored garlic, you need to prepare brown sugar and salt, raw soy sauce, and allspice.

2. Remove the garlic skin of garlic, take out the garlic cloves inside and soak it in clear water for 2 to 3 days. After soaking, remove the water from the surface, put it into a clean glass bottle, and then prepare it according to your tasteFor the juice, pour the prepared juice into a glass bottle. After the juice is piled up without the cloves, seal the mouth of the glass bottle, and marinate in a cool and ventilated place. After 10 to 15 days,Dried garlic marinates well.