[How to make delicious oyster mushroom soup]_how to make_how to make

[How to make delicious oyster mushroom soup]_how to make_how to make

In daily life, many people prefer to eat meat. It feels that meat is good to eat. That is, eating more meat will have some impact on your health. In fact, eating more fungi will have a lot of health.The good thing is that Pleurotus ostreatus is a relatively common fungus. It has a delicious taste and various cooking methods. It has been liked by many people. It is a common dish on our table.

Ingredients: 100g each of Pleurotus ostreatus and bamboo shoot tip, 50g each of Shuifa sea cucumber, Squid squid and bamboo shoot, 10g salt, moderate MSG, cooking wine, pepper, pea seedling and chicken soup.Cut sea cucumber, squid, and bamboo shoot tips into filaments with a length of about 5 cm. Shred the green onions, chop the ginger, and set aside. Set aside to heat and add 1000g of water. Boil the sea cucumber.Add squid and bamboo shoots to boiled water and remove them for later use; pour the water out of the pot and clean it before putting it on the fire, then add 1500g of chicken broth, add the three fresh ingredients after boiling, addA little salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, pepper, and skimming off the foam; at the end, you can add pea sprouts, spring onions, and drizzle a little chicken oil.

The medicinal value of Pleurotus ostreatus Pleurotus ostreatus belongs to sweet and warm ingredients. It has a certain effect on loosening cold and cold, can treat pain in the waist and legs, and has a very good effect on numbness of hands and feet and impaired meridians.

Among them, proteoglycan can also effectively inhibit the diffusion of cellulose, which is very effective for enhancing the body’s immune function.

In addition, the consumption of Pleurotus ostreatus will reduce blood pressure and regulate menopause.

Benefits of eating Pleurotus ostreatus 1. Improving immunity As far as physical health is concerned, people with high immunity rarely get sick.

Frequent illnesses must be caused by the decline in immunity. Low immunity will not only affect the body’s regulation, but also cause some toxins to enter the body.

The consumption of Pleurotus ostreatus is very beneficial to the health of the body, and it can effectively absorb the antitumor cell multiples. This substance has a better inhibitory effect on tumor cells and has a very strong immune effect.

2. Preventing any disease, prevention is better than cure. After all, “treating the disease” is a very important thing. In life, we should also put disease prevention in place.