Health: N Cool Food Methods of Lotus Leaf

Health: N Cool Food Methods of Lotus Leaf

For Qingshu tea, take 50 grams of fresh lotus, wash it, and drink it frequently.

  Can relieve heat and chest tightness, sweating badly.

  Take 10 grams of fresh lotus for antipyretic porridge and wash the decoction for later use.

Take another 50 grams of rice and cook porridge in the usual way.

  When the porridge is ready, pour in lotus juice, cook a little, and take while warm.

  Suitable for people with high fever, no sweat, and restlessness.

  Stay in the porridge to pick the blooming petals, dry to the ground after shading, and set aside.

  Take 100 grams of glutinous rice and cook porridge in the usual way. When the porridge is boiling, take 15 grams of lotus powder and take it while it is still warm.

Jiufu can moisturize the skin and resist aging.

  Take a slice of fresh lotus leaf for Jieshu soup, wash it, and drink the soup for tea.

Adding a piece of reed root and frying for better results.

Suitable for heatstroke and dizziness.

  Quzhi soup is made of fresh lotus leaves, 50 grams each of mung bean, and decoction is taken orally.

Suitable for itch in children.

  Slimming tea chopped fresh lotus leaves, dried and stored. Take 10 grams a day, brew with boiling water, and drink frequently.

Can not only lose weight and lower fat, but also lower blood pressure.

  Take a piece of fresh pork belly steamed with lotus leaf flour, marinate it with flour seasoning for a while, wrap it with fresh lotus leaf, tie it with clean straw or cotton thread, and steam it through the basket.

  Its delicious flavor, but not fat, is the best choice for those who do not want to give up the delicious mouthfeel enjoyment in the summer heat.

  In addition, you can also use a knife to scrape the burr on the lotus stem, cut into small sections, Jiantang instead of tea and drink frequently, you can ventilate, relax muscles, and reduce fever.

  If you add it to the refrigerator to chill, you can cool, scent and taste better.