Marriage is dull and I am on the verge of derailment

Marriage is dull and I am on the verge of derailment

Talking person: Xiaomei (pseudonym), female, 35 years old, working in a public institution in Jinan Text: Peace of mind Many people want to have an eternal love, I have also made an eternal love dream, but everything I have experienced tell me: There is no eternal love. Although marriage requires love as the foundation, it is more the responsibility to maintain it.

Once entering a marriage, resistance to external temptations must be formed. Life happiness is the most important, and love is second.

  When I was familiar with my husband, I had just graduated from college, and my emotional world was blank. It didn’t take me long to be attracted to him.

Husband is a tall and handsome person, warm and careful, taking care of people is meticulous and very caring.

At that time I often admired: How can there be such a careful and thoughtful man in the world?

It’s a blessing to find someone like this to be a husband!

  I never thought of anything else. Everything is divided into two. I am completely fascinated by his advantages. How can I see his shortcomings?

Nor did he have a clear head to consider whether he was really suitable for himself.

  My husband and I were in the same unit. At that time, Corey was only our age, and after a year of contact, sweet love began.

I feel very happy. I just met such a good person when I first touched on love. I never thought that it would be best to look at the relationship in many ways to know what kind of talent is best for you.

  After one year in love, he took me back to his hometown outside the country.

However, my parents did not approve of making my relationship so strong with him at such a young age.

At that time, I was under 24 years old. I was not really the next age to give myself emotionally, but I insisted that I think our love is the greatest in the world, and I will love him forever.

  Later, my husband and I stole the forbidden fruit.

He treats me well and keeps saying he wants to give me the best life and make me the happiest woman in the world.

Before the 25th birthday, I was pregnant, and I was very scared. When he was 4 years old, he excitedly told his parents about my pregnancy, so their family began to discuss our marriage.

My parents didn’t agree with me getting married so early, and when I stumbled that I was pregnant, they had to agree.

  After three or four years of marriage, my life is very happy. In my life, there are two more men-a loving husband and a beautiful and cute son.

Everything is fresh and our little family attracted all my thoughts.

  However, as the day goes by, when everything is in order, I gradually feel the dullness and helplessness of life.

Extraordinarily, when my son was in elementary school, my former classmates and friends almost became the mainstay of the unit. Only I was almost in place.

Girlfriends carefully choose their lover, their boyfriend and husband are so outstanding, but my husband is as indifferent as me.

  Sometimes I asked him half-jokingly and half-seriously, “Don’t you say you want to give me the best life?

When will it be fulfilled?

He would reply lazily: “Aren’t we doing well now?

“Actually, I don’t have strong requirements for material, but just don’t satisfy his ambitious look.

I used to like his carefulness and thoughtfulness, but later I found him more and more stingy, indifferent, selfish . In life, he often had trivial trivial matters, and some neighbors dropped a little garbage at our door, colleagues shotThe leader’s flattering, I did not put the slippers on, who ‘s child and his son quarreled . Sometimes I really think it is incredible, how does his big meter man like a long tongue woman?

  The year when my son went to school was the weary age of our marriage. During that time, we always quarreled, and the couple sharing the same bed made them look like enemies.

The once blessed life turned into a glass of boiled water and I even wanted to have the bondage of marriage.

  Wang Sheng (pseudonym) broke into my life at that time.

He is the owner of a company. I asked our leaders to help us with dinner and I went there.

Wang Sheng is not tall, but he is very spirited. His big eyes are always flashing with happy and intelligent light. He speaks humorously and cleanly.

  Wang Sheng’s personality is very attractive to me, and I think that’s what calls a man.

I like the man’s fierce and decisive manner, and he is a man who “falls down and has me standing”.

My quietness and gentleness also left a good impression on him. After dinner that day, he had to pull us to sing. I was worried that my husband was in a hurry and left early.

  Wang Sheng drove me home and asked jokingly: “Is that the guy in the family waiting for you?

“I was guilty, and explained:” It’s a child.

“When leaving, Wang Sheng asked me for a mobile phone number, and I gave it to him without hesitation.   My husband was really not excited, and asked me for a long time before it was finished.

  Forget what happened, and gradually became friends with Wang Shengcheng.

His heartiness and empathy made me feel very comfortable, and there was a freewheeling joy with him.

In the half year that I had been with Wang Sheng, my vitality and vigor returned to me.

  When Wang Sheng expressed his admiration for me, my heart was both sweet and sad. The sweet ones loved and admired themselves. The sad thing is that we are all family members.

Wang Sheng said that he could divorce for me, as long as I nodded, I let him give me time to consider.

  In those days, when I saw my husband and son, I would think of my happy time. My family of three went shopping, went to the park, went to his hometown to see pigs and cows, and accompanied my parents to travel abroad.It’s someone I loved.

Although our relationship has been dull, we can’t stir up waves in my heart like Wang Sheng, but the relationship between husband and wife for many years is not lost.

And son, that’s my husband and I, how can I bear to let him live in an incomplete family?

  When I told Wang Sheng his decision with red eyes, his eye circles were also red, saying, “I obey your choices and wish you a happy life, but you remember that my feelings for you are true!

“It is a painful thing to forget Wang Sheng, but I must do it for the sake of tranquility and happiness.

My feelings for Wang Sheng are also true, but for our families, this feeling is superfluous.

  Now, more than a year has passed and my life has been peaceful and peaceful.

The husband never knew that his wife had faced this painful choice.

After experiencing these things, I can face life with a calm and calm mindset. I think that in order to have long-term happiness .